The State Eggsperts "Dish" On Eggs

Eggs are a breakfast staple—but they are also delicious for dinner! Eggs are so versatile and add protein, flavor and texture to dinner dishes, too. Everything is better when you put an egg in it!

The EGGsperts from some of the nation’s top egg farming states and food bloggers have come together to host a virtual exchange to share easy and high-protein dinner recipes, starring the incredible egg.

Whether baked, deviled, poached or scrambled – cook your way across America with these favorite hometown recipes.


Meet the incredible dinner egg – the biggest thing since breakfast eggs! Dinner Eggs are laid at night and bring an incredible new flavor to dinner. With our deliciously quick and easy Dinner Egg recipes, you’ll always be a winner winner with eggs for dinner.

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Fan-Favorite Foodie Dishes

Five-Star EGGspert Dinners

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